Social Media Sites The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly: A Study Of The Negative Effects Of Social Networking Cites And The Internet On Adults And Ado

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When I think of our future technological advancements the movie, Terminator comes to mind. A world controlled by computers where humans are considered obsolete. Currently a world like this is becoming more and more possible. People have become completely reliant on their technology. Portable technology like cell phones and computers have become apart of everyday life. At the forefront of technological age is the internet and social networking sites. With a wealth of knowledge at the click of a button internet usage has sky rocketed in the last decade. Sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and Linked In have become a common part of our culture. Something that began as a social interface has ...view middle of the document...

Facebook has become one of the number one social networking sites in the U.S. I myself cannot go one day with out being on it. Something that began as a way of connecting with old friends has become an obsession with users. People spend hours on social networking sites. Often drawn by the ability to recreate themselves. Social sites allow you to choose what information you want other users to see. You can literally be what ever you want to be and have people perceive this fiction as truth.
Why deal with the reality when you can create your own world, their in lies the danger. Author Kemal Sayar and Zeynep Senkal, professor of Mamara University Medical School Department of Psychiatry state that, “The internet, especially social networks empowers individuals to re-create an imaginary world where an incredibly high degree of personal freedom is presented with minimum necessity to deal with reality, the “virtual self” became the most elastic self of all times.” (27)Too much time spent in this unrealistic world can create a sort of psychosis. Where this false world becomes the users reality. Sayer and Senkal believe “Online self and the online life begin to differentiate from the person’s real-life presence. An “incongruence gap”, which can be demoralizing and traumatic for the real-life person.” (27) This detachment created from social networking sites can be psychologically damaging to adolescence and adults.

In a reality that is askew members of that world can cause or be effected by many things that can be psychologically damaging. A growing issue with social media sites is cyberbullying. While this mostly commonly occurs among adolescence from age 14 to 18 (Katz,2012, personal communication) cyberbullying can happen to anyone. In a world of free flowing information and little consequence psychological attacks can occur. Post an inappropriate picture of someone or share a negative comment about someone and you are a cyber bully. What makes cyberbullying dangerous is that it can be done through any technological device texting, instant messaging or social networking sites. This means this action is no longer done face to face the predator uses technology as a cloak of anonymity. Once that negative information or comment is online, it is hard to remove. With the help of technology cyber bullies are able to follow a victim as far and as long as possible.
The long term damage that cyber bullying can cause can be devastating “Cyberbullying can cause profound psycho-social outcomes including depression anxiety severe social alienation, and ultimately suicide (O’Keefe et al., 2001 p. 801). In recent years, we have seen the rise of teen suicides brought on by cyberbullying. Unfortunately, many people who are responsible for these hateful actions are simply unaware of the damage they are inflicting. This is due to the fact that the aggressor rarely see’s the reaction of the victim. John A. Bargh and...

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