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Facebook is one of the greatest popular social media software nowadays. It is online social software which is founded in February 2004 by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg. People everywhere can recognize and interact with new friends from different countries, ages, cultures, languages and nationalities. In addition, Facebook users can share information about themselves, actions and adventure, leisure activities, etc. Also, you can download music, pictures and movies. Like other entertainment software the Facebook has positive and negative effects which affect teenage social behaviour. Facebook comes ahead of Microsoft, YouTube and Wikipedia and ranked third by the world classification. ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, Facebook is one of the good ways to get comfortable feeling from the life stresses. Every teenager faces different stresses from their life such as, psychological and physical stresses.So, they prefer to Facebook's chat with their friends to exchange with them the problem that they facing in their life. Moreover, their friends might help
on the other hand, Facebook has negative reflects on teenagers social behaviour. Firstly them with some comfortable and suitable, picture and phrases that can reduce their stresses or change their feeling. Thirdly, it a good way to be more confidence, some researchers found, after doing a small study of Facebook that young users have gained more confidence that helps to establish strong friendship with their friends.Fourthly, Facebook is a famous service to help it's member to improve their communication skills. They starting by conversation and sending-receiving message. In addition, this online communication way helped improve communication skills for all the users in common, and lonely teenagers in especially as they have good chance to talk more comfortably about them. Fifthly, facebook it is a service that is making friendship stronger as many researchers' shows that Facebook builds positive interactions and communications among friends and also they found that Facebook can make its members shy and lonely. Another thing is that,facebook is such suitable networking website in which people can communicate easily with their friends. Also, it enables them to share their life experiences in such beautiful and reachable way.Finally,facebook can enable business people to promote their business on facebook for example advertisements. (Social medai today, 2o13 )
there are studies showing that the teens that use Facebook more often show more narcissist tendencies while young adults who have a strong Facebook presence show more negative psychological behaviour which affects their personality and the way they interact with other people in their society. This includes antisocial behaviour, mania and aggressive tendencies. Secondly, it has a negative impact that reflects on student's grades, Studies found that the students who checked Facebook at least once during a 15-minute study period achieved lower grades. Thirdly, in the Facebook the users can exchange entertainment tools such as, games and videos so this tool may affect them specially when they send or receive immoral things inside those messages. Moreover, Facebook is quickly becoming the most standard social networking site on the internet, it is make the users so addicted and that leads to lose their hobbies which that need a lot of practicing from them and also its users can get over obsessed, (Introduction to Facebook)
Conclusion In conclusion, we can say that the Facebook makes a revolution in the world of contact and entertainment software. This issue was obvious during the last episodes accrued in the Arab countries, and this software should be...

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