Social Medias Impact On College Students

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Social Medias Impact on College Students
Over time, social media addiction in college students all around the world has become a serious problem. Not only is an addiction going on, grades are being severely affected. If this issue continues to be overlooked the statistics will show that college students’ grades will get even worse. Three billion people in the world use at least one form of social media websites. Of those three billion, half of them are in the 18-29 years old. Introducing regulations and making sure that students are not logging onto social media websites as frequently is how social media addiction is going to be fixed.
In today’s society, very few recognize that social media is an addiction because as stated earlier, roughly fifty percent of users are logging onto Facebook daily to begin with. Therefore, nobody is looking to make any changes in Facebook’s usage policies or changes in how college students have made social media an addiction. Social behavior expert Megan Sponcil from Youngstown State University in Ohio states that “about 57% of social network users are 18-29 years old and have a personal profile on multiple social media websites” (4). The statistic that Sponcil points out shows that 19-28 year olds are the ones that are mostly affected by social media addiction. Poor performance in the classroom and a serious addiction will continue if this addiction is not broken.
Social media addiction had not become a real issue until the creation of the multi-billion dollar social networking site MySpace was created by UCLA graduate Tom Anderson in August of 2003. Since then, the social networking sites Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram have been created and all are billion dollar businesses that are attracting college students all over the world. There have been attempts to shut down social media websites and the Internet as a whole with proposed piracy acts by the government as recent as last year. Although social media addiction in college students was not the reason for these acts to be proposed, piracy acts would have put a halt to addiction to social media websites. This attempt did not work because Congress did not pass the bill. Therefore, social media is still an accessible form of entertainment and addiction for college students all over the world.
Generally, an alternative to the issue is simply not having a social media website to begin with. Addiction in college students with social media websites would not be an issue and grades would increase dramatically because of it. To go along with that, college students would not have to worry about their information being put out there for the world to see. Turkish writer Zeynep Turan mentions in his article that “non-users are making much better grades than those who are users to begin with” (138). A chart later in the journal compares grades by users and non-users in America, showing the non-user of social media make better grades. The information displayed...

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