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The impact of informatics on society over the past few decades has aided in transcending the boundaries of Healthcare, Education, communication and Security systems across the world. There is a wide variety of definitions for informatics, it is often called as the science of information but has a much broader meaning to it. The University of Sussex defines informatics as the study of storage, transformation and communication of information. In hindsight to the early developments of informatics, it is clearly seen that the many departments of science were interconnected and the ability to synthesize information was made possible with the emergence of informatics. Ever since the advent of informatics, so many ideas were drawn out from different branches of science and collaborated with other departments while simultaneously contributing to it; for instance, Bio-informatics is a study of biological molecules such as DNA/genes by integrating multiple subject areas such as applied mathematics, computer science and statistics (Gerstain, 1998). When examining the historical perspective of Informatics, one of the reasons for its development was as a tool for people to understand the very nature of the information system and processes in order to create a better social environment. It is important to discuss the developments in informatics by analysing its enormous impact on various aspects of the society. Some of the major milestones in informatics will be discussed further in the essay.

Informatics has played a vital role in the development of Healthcare organizations all around the world. Health informatics is an interdisciplinary term created by integrating Information system, computer science and healthcare. One of the key milestones in health informatics was the invention of Computerized Tomography scan or CT scan. Before discussing it, let us look at a brief history of health informatics. At present, it is quite difficult to imagine a healthcare organisation running without advanced computer technology and information processing system. The need for medical informatics emerged about 50 years ago when it was difficult to process massive amount of raw information into useful data. People were struggling to make decisions because they could not assess the risks due to improbability and lack of organized information. After so many years technology has evolved and experiments were frequently done to improve decision making. By the end of 20th century medical informatics came into existence by interconnecting multiple disciplines of science which eventually created the knowledge based decision support system (Haux, 2010).
CT scan was introduced in the year 1971 and it is considered as one of the most important breakthroughs in medical history. CT scanning is an imaging method created by combining radiographic methods such as x-rays and computer techniques to diagnose various diseases such as cancer, tumour etc. (Nordqvist,...

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