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As the pathway clearly direct us towards a road of online communication and interaction, we have to stop and wonder. Are all the benefits of Social Media actually worth all the risks it brings? As the current generation likes to argue that it brings people together and lets them collaborate much faster, closely behind their obvious plea lurks a scary truth to the impairment of psychological, economical and legal health.
You probably noticed most teens these days spend exponential amounts of more time on their computer either doing homework, catching up on news or just relaxing on social sites such as Facebook or Youtube, and as you reflect back to your pre occupational life you'll probably smile at the rate of efficiency that contemporary technology has brought us. But as time passes, and the more time your child is on the computer you start to notice a scary trend. The once beloved and ecstatic little Jimmy may stop wanting to go out and grow impatient at things he used to be patient for. His literary ability may decline to a point where simple sentences are hard to compile. And as you panic at determining what the cause of the symptoms are, you'll probably overlook the most devastating drug that companies have managed to legally provide and profit from.
Social networking sites have successfully enticed people to spend more time online and less time interacting face to face than ever. The sites offer individuals relief from a common pain called boredom, and as the band wagon grows the average time spent catches up "to an overwhelming nine hours per week" (Pew Research Center). And as neuroscientist Susan Greenfield claims, "social media is rewiring our kid's brains" making them more prone to neurological faults such as personality disorder, the inability to have real conversations, limited attentions spans, a need for instant gratification, ADHD and self centered personalities (Derbyshire).
Self inflicted damages aren't the only things parents have to worry about, as the social hand expands its grasp, all sorts of individuals are being hurled in. Not excluding, the once subdued bullies in real life, who now with the false sense of animosity provided by the internet perspired to new heights of efficiency, causing at least 17.3% of middle school students in 2009 victims of harassment (Hinduja ). What is worse is that before bullies were a superficial problems who could be avoided, but now they lurk in every shadow of the web, leaving their victims insecure and depressed (National Crime Prevention Council).
However to the irony of the situation even the predators are victimized by the overlord media companies as their basic rights are violated to supplement the pockets of the world's richest people. Teens and Adults alike tend turn the other way when confronted by the idea that these companies are out to make a profit and that everything that they upload are being documented for ad companies to "personalize" their individual taste.

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