Social Networking And Personal Information Essay

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When one is engaged in social networking, it is possible for them to gain a great deal of benefit. Social networking basically is a way of forming relationships with others through the use of computer network. The purpose of a social network, Facebook for example isn’t just narrowed down to connecting the missing links between the youth, instead it expanded and catered not just to the youth, but appealed to adults as well. Before there was a need for us to access a bunch of methods in order for us to send messages, share photos, get adorned with the current happenings, and etc. Now it is made more convenient for us since these can be done on social networks with just a click of a button. Doing things online can offer convenience and widen opportunities, and in general people value it (Online Safety, n.d.). Social networks also serve as a door for self expression. People with social network accounts can share current events in their lives as if it was an online diary. In addition, with the amount of people using social networks, companies can use the huge number of users to their advantage. They can utilize that and use it for their marketing strategies and recruitment plans. Furthermore instant messaging is one of social networking’s great features since it can easily link people for no charge. A study executed by the National Institute of Health found that youths with strong, positive face-to-face relationships may be those most frequently using social media as an additional venue to interact with their peers (Jones, 2013). People can also shop online conveniently rather than going to malls. Shops have extended their outlets and made pages in order for people to order and choose from their wide range of products. Lastly through social networks we can get updated with the current happenings around us due to the fact that even news programs have extended their reach and the programs itself has a social network account that keeps on posting updates on the current news. With that being said, social networks can be used as effective and convenient tools that ease our social activities.
Even though social networking opens doors of convenience to many, it still allows threats to sneak in and possibly affect individuals who engage in this activity. First, personal information is revealed when you sign up for accounts in most of social networking sites. A research study claims that social networks leak personal information (Claburn, 2009). The study notes that while the privacy policies of the third-party aggregators typically declare the sharing of non-indentifying information, they don't make it clear that an identity can often be derived from supposedly non-identifying information (Claburn, 2009). Even though they assure you that your information is kept confidential, there are people who are skilled enough to hack computer systems, and use your account in ways that could damage your image. Second, social networks could aid in violation of...

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