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Social Media And Parental Control Essay

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Recently there was a very big revolution in the field of modern technology, It has become popular everywhere. Social websites nowadays became a new trends for all people in the world, they affect our lives wildly. daily People depend on these sites strongly for different purposes. Lately we became dependent on Facebook and twitter completely and other sites.
Twitter as a famous social website has obtained its fame recently, and as a new invention such like other websites has its advantages and disadvantages, usually people differ in judging them. Twitter has many advantages first of all it is a new and updated method of contacting and communicating with other, and through it you can reach people who are far away from you. In addition of that it helps you in searching for new friends. Some people find it very difficult to make relation with others around them but, it is easy for them to establish new friendships on Twitter Also through it you can keep in touch and in a good relation with old friends who you haven’t seen for a long time at any place in the world.
Through twitter you also can get the latest news and you also can share information, pictures, and photos concerning fresh news. By using Twitter, you are familiar with what is going on around you, also you can get responses regarding any topic you have shared with friends and also you can receive comments, new ideas, thoughts which will greatly help you in your life. Twitter gives you the chance to know about areas you have never been to in your country or abroad, and through twitter you can obtained knowledge about their country, life style, culture, custom and traditions. Many people use twitter for chatting with friends and many leaners find it helpful They use it to exchange information which help them in doing their assignments, presentations and projects. Some people may find their favourite games in twitter for amusing themselves and also they can use it for many entertainment programs. Concerning holidays, Twitter can give knowledge about the best place that you can go to by receiving information from friends they tell you about the best shopping centres, restaurants, clubs, libraries, colleges and even the best way of transportation that you can use. You can also get information about tourism sites you plan or intend to visit by receiving pictures and the accurate cost for everything. Other people use twitter to get information about health institutions and rehabilitation centres regarding health problems. Through twitter you can update your ideas, information and it makes you an organized person in all domains.
As I have mentioned previously, Twitter can be used for commercial and entertainment, so famous people also use it to make twits about their activities and also to tell their fans about their last activities. Also it is a good chance...

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