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Social Networking As A Tool For Connecting And Communicating

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In era of technology, life is not perfect if someone does not have a laptop, mobile phone, and Internet browsing. Nowadays, various applications uploaded on social networking sites as a tool for connecting and communicating in both directions. Hundreds of social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have attracted millions of users. The presence of various social networking sites in cyberspace is very important for both individuals and organizations. No age limit for anyone regardless of age using existing application backend social networks. As we know, social media networking is very easy in this era, where all communications can be a social backend; it is a fun and easy without having to leave home. Besides that, with the advent of social networking will provide motivation for a user to join a social networking site is being able to connect to their pre-existing social network in real life.
The social networking sites are used as primary tools for finding old friends who have lost or created alumni. They can find a career that endeavor by colleagues and be able to interact with one another without boundaries of time, language, culture and geography. In addition, those who visit social networking sites are also able to deliver such information to provide work-related discussions and so on. They also exchanged views on the issues that were presented in the website. This phenomenon becomes easier as to save time and energy by using existing facilities. So, it is clear that the use of social websites can add new contacts, whether near and far.
In addition, the use of social media can be utilized site as avenue to expand the business or market their product for free without someone face to face for the first time. People are able to buy an item by using the social networking site. They can also make the social networking site as an alternative...

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