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Social Networking For Teenagers Essay

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In our daily life today, people can not live without technology; especially the internet has changed the quantity and quality of the information we get. Teenager's online now can get more information, more quickly and it is more convenient. In the book "Dataclysm" by Christian Rudder – the cofounder of OkCupid has claims that: "Teenagers are now spending significant amounts of time on line for social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat; therefore, the communication in tradition ways such as face to face talking and letter writing are disappeared" (66-67). Face to face talking is the best type of communication and social networks have both the advantages and disadvantages, know how to recognize them will help people’s lives better.

Face to face is the best way of communication. Face to face communication can eliminate misunderstanding immediately, cement relationship and encourage interaction. If you are talking with someone directly, you can tell right away if they do not understand you. When you talk face to face, you also communicate with your eyes, your voice, your hands, your body language and even your smell, the more you interact, the stronger your relationship will be. Therefore, if you want to establish a strong relationship with another human being, the best way is talking face to face.
Most of us agreed that social networks have its benefits. In the social networks, teenagers will be encountering people of various ages and cultural backgrounds, so they have the opportunity to learn how to relate to a wide variety of people. They also make new friends online, and those friends might be from many other places in the world. Teens can learn a lot of new things about others countries and others cultures while chat with each other using social networks. Most important, they will learn how to be friends with people who are not like them at all.
The good aspect of online anonymity of social networks is that it encourages people to discuss things about themselves that they would hesitate revealing in real life. In real life, they might be too shy to show their real personality, but online, it will be easy for them because the other people do not know about them that much. When teenagers are online, they act like the person they want to be, not the person who their parents want it to be. Social networking is also a place where teenagers can create anything that they imagine. In addition, the social networks simply become another way to help users forget their own life's problems and reduce stress for a little while.

In the other hand, there are negative effects of social network. Teenagers can waste a lot of their time with it and they may not develop their real social skills if they just sit in front of a computer all day. Online, friendship is not very strong, you might think that you "know" a person really well, but in fact, there is a lot you do not know about them. Additionally, cyber bullying and sexual are the...

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