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Social Networking: Healthy Or Risky Essay

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How often are you on Social Network sites such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or tumblr. "The author claims that children spend on average of six hours a day in front of screens at the expense of face-to-face interaction with friends and family members." -Madeline Bunting (Bunting 16) We spend most of our time on our phone scrolling through news feed rather than spending quality time with the ones we love. Social Networking web sites may result in people to isolate themselves, whether it be by separating them from social situations or keeping them in front of the screen. (Sexton)
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" - Charlotte Steinway (Steinway 29) Social Sites such as Facebook cause us to avoid our peers, even though most people don't know the truth about Facebook.
Everyone wants privacy, but in all actuality people actually don't mind sharing their life with the world. We are all assured that when we sign up for social communities like Facebook we get our privacy, but do we really? Whatever you, or anyone post on Facebook can be deleted, but it is not deleted completely.(Sullivan 49) Sure you can just go to the setting and delete whatever you choose, or possibly your whole account, but Facebook also has a right to copy, publish, store, or retain anything you may have posted.(Sullivan 49) The information you share stays on the site indefinitely. When we sign up for those social sites we know what to expect when it comes to our own privacy. We know we're going to share our personal lives on them. Studies show that about two-thirds of Americans say that they genuinely care a great deal about their privacy. (Sullivan 49) Even though two out of three actually care only ten percent do something to protect their privacy. (Sullivan 49) Social Networking sites are enjoyable, but mistreat them and they can be your worst nightmare. There are many downsides of a Social Networking sites that can be mentally hard on a person. We know what we're
Saucedo 3 getting into when we sign up, but there are ways to avoid the possible twisted situations that occur on Facebook. (Sullivan 49) Everybody knows that those situations could occur at any time, but we don't take the procedures to make sure that those situations don't occur. We still have control our privacy, and it's called choice. If we choose we can not sign up for the sites, you can post differently and appropriately to avoid those situations. (Parr 59) Even if we do avoid those situations by doing so, there are still many more effects and possible scenarios of using social networking sites.
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