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Influence Of Social Media On The Youth

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Facebook: the second largest social network on the web, established by foregoing Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg generally focused on high school to college students benefitting market share and more significantly, a subordinate user base launching in February of 2004. Changing the lives of many Americans with the rate of eight million users in the U.S. alone. These days social media definitely plays a role in a teenagers life and dramatically affects their everyday routine. About 80 percent of their valuable time is spent adding new friends, scrolling through their news feeds, sending messages daily to one another,posting statuses and photos. Over the last decades, we have considered what the long term impact of the modernization of social media would be on the person, as well as our culture. For the most part, over usage on social media trembles the life of adolescents today facing problems dealing with academics, social life, and their over-all morality.

Over using an organization offered by the media such as Facebook, can lead to poor academic performance. One’s dependency to constantly interact with the network can easily distract students whether they are female or male, from doing work that is needed to be done in class, although many teenagers tend to use the internet as a helpful source, they are not always supervised by a formal teacher and can be connected to any social network, avoiding assignments.In addition to the lack of keeping their student’s under observation can increase a pattern in browsing the web every so often clearly makes the students inattentive and dreamy. In fact, Conrad proposed some ideas on why most minors are obsessed with Facebook, including “the Minimal Effort Catch-Up” due to the less effort that users are able to get through to their friends by simply liking their statuses, commenting on photos , and other interactions can re-build relationships that have naturally dyed with showing support on Facebook, also feeding the essential need for human connection (3). Another reason this special social network gets full attention from the youth is the approval to spy on another person’s Facebook page in order to gain information by presenting personally significant information in an easy access to the main core and foundation provided by the Internet. (Conrad 4). Bloxham believes that teenagers who “expend most of their time online find it difficult to concentrate in class, are forevermore distracted and have shorter attention spans”, researchers found. Some teachers believe that despite schools banning mobile phones, many students secretly derive their smart phones to school and remain connected to social networking websites while class is in session (2). In fact, the number of 18-24 year olds section, has spread gradually with the rate of 74% and is now growing the fastest year by year. According to Clinical Psychologist ,Dr. Brent Conrad suggesting:

“Perhaps they spend hours upon hours every day updating their...

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