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Social Networking Over The Past Couple Of Years

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Social networking over the past couple of years has basically gone viral. There are many social networking sites available to the public including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and LinkedIn. Facebook is the second largest social networking site on the web and Twitter is gaining on it and threatens to become the number one social networking site. Facebook and Twitter are two social networking sites that seem to have a lot of similarities. The major problem that these two social networks have is that Twitter has a controlled level of social networking. With Facebook, you are not allowed a one way interaction meaning that if I feel the need to want to follow someones posts then they have to ...view middle of the document...

On Facebook you have the option to choose between having a completely visible profile, to having one that is not even search-able unless by acknowledged friends. On Twitter you either have public or private. Private messages can only be read by people that are followed by the user. Individual messages cannot have different privacy settings. While on Facebook you usually see lots of ads and pop-ups. Twitter doesn't have either of those which makes it run faster.
Facebook and Twitter also have lots of similarities. They are both social networking sites that are designed to allow users to connect with other users over the internet. Facebook lets you connect with others by searching for users in the search option and adding them as friends. Twitter allows you to search for other twitter users and connect with them by following their twitter accounts. Both Facebook and Twitter allow their users to broadcast their ideas, opinions, and status' to other users in their networks. On Facebook you would update your status and on Twitter you would tweet whatever you're thinking.
Another similarity is that they both allow users to share media with other users in their network. Facebook users can share pictures, videos, and links to other websites by posting the URL using the status update option. Twitter users can share pictures and...

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