Social Networking Sites And Privacy Essay

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What do about ninety percent of us have in common? It’s the social networking sites that everyone is a part of these days, whether it’s your twelve year old nephew or your grandmother. Spending hours and hours connecting with your old friends and making new friends over the social networking sites has become a part of everyone’s daily routine. Nonetheless, recently privacy concerns over the social networking sites have taken its peak.
It all started several decades back, when information technology developments succeeded but had put personal privacy into danger. The data base technology was the first development in information technology which made it possible to “collect, store and retrieve” great amounts of “digitized information”. After sometime, many organizations started using electronic data bases and it all interconnected with one another causing personal privacy again into danger. Then second development in IT was the internet itself, which made spread of digital information a lot easier. However, the primal structure of the internet provided confidentiality as it operated through the TCP/IP protocol. This TCP/IP protocol is when information is sent in enclosed packages to an IP address and the sender and the receiver are not known. But the enhancement of the WEB and the cookies changed it all. Web based tools such as cookies have made surroundings unfavorable to confidentiality. Cookies are tools that contain passwords, web pages you’ve visited, and when you visited those web pages. Cookies make it easier for purveyors to track a person’s web usage as he/she surfs the net. (Spinello, 2011)
Social networking sites such as Facebook, expand on cookie tools via social plug-ins which allows more advanced tracing of their users. Again the user’s privacy is at stake. (Spinello, 2011) These social networking sites grew in popularity in the late 1990s. ("Social networking privacy:," 2014) People from all walks of lives, all ages, and all ethnic/racial groups have become part of this social networking “small” world as one may call it to be. Even though everyone is living their own lives but unfortunately due to the “small world”, has become part of others life through social networking and the social media rage.
Potential Benefits
Who doesn’t like social networking sites? Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc are all great in connecting to other people and sharing insights on almost everything. These social networking sites help collaborate. Through these social networking sites you get to be in touch with your friends, establish self control in combination with respecting others’ insights and perspectives, and also engaging in critical thinking. (Hugl, U. 2011). People seeking jobs are also very much into social networks to publicize themselves to get possible employers, associate with other professionals and also search out job openings. ("Social networking privacy:," 2014)
Legal and Ethical Issues

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