Social Networking: The Good Choice For Society

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Social Networking is the use of websites such as Facebook, MySpace,Twitter,LinkedIn, and to communicate with other users (Hampton). On social media like these,users are able to develop biographical profiles as well as communicating,researching, and also sharing photos, links, videos,music, and more. Advocates of social networking sites conclude that online communities promote increased interaction with friends and family and also offer teachers, librarians, and students beneficial access to educational support and materials, facilitate social and political change,and distributing useful information promptly. This impact social networking sites are suggesting leads to my impression that social networking sites are good for our society.
One reason why social networking sites are good for our society is because they help students do better at school. According to the article, 59% of students with access to the internet report that they use social networking sites to discuss educational topics and 50% use the sites to talk about school assignments (National School Boards Association). This is important because the social media offers students with opportunities for learning and interacting with their peers.This article also portrays that grades went up by 50%, chronic absenteeism went down by 33% and 20% of students school wide voluntarily completed extra-credit assignments(Kessler).This concludes that the result of using social networking sites makes improvements for students and their grades.
Furthermore, social networking sites also help spread information faster than any other media. A fact that supports this reason is that over 50% of people learn about breaking news through social media (Marino). I am indoctrinated that this happens because many people worldwide use the social media for a variation of reasons including blogging, work, or just for entertainment, and news can easily disseminate through the web before you know it. Another example that supports this reason is that Twitter and YouTube users reported the July 20, 2012 Aurora, CO theather shooting before news crews could arrive on the scene (Sponcil) This piece of evidence concludes that news can spread quickly, even throughout the...

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