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Social Networks Are Not Responsible For Cyber Bullying

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Bullies are everywhere, but now they have spread through social networking sites. Currently, people blame Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter for cyberbullying. While reading the two articles, “Social Networking Sites Cannot Be Blamed for Bullying” by Kate Harding and “Social Networking Sites Can Be Forums for Cyberbullying” by Abraham Foxman, I found a few similarities such as how bullies have been here before technology and how they only use social networking as a tool to bully. Another similarity is parents teaching kids about cyberbullying as well as having programs in school to teach students and teachers about the situation. Lastly, preparing the kids of this generation for this and getting ...view middle of the document...

There are also programs in schools not just for students, but for teachers as well, such as anti-bias training programs and cyberbullying and anti-bias workshops to give people in the schools a better understanding as well.
Lastly, parents can show the child what kind of world they really live in by giving them a first hand look at what cyberbullying is and seeing how harmful it can be. Kate Harding comments that “the only option adults have is to try our best to prepare today’s kids for the world they actually live in,” meaning that kids will encounter situations where they will have to handle these sites maturely. It is also a good idea to have the law involved with cyberbullying. California has done just that; they have adopted laws mandating schools implement Anti-Bullying statutes. These statutes offer general prohibition against bullying. This also shows how we should encourage and help schools to comply with cyberbullying laws. Abraham Foxman (2011) states in his article “We must act now to ensure that those who would engage in...

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