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Social Observation On Human Interactions Essay

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By using observation method, a wide variety of behavior can be recorded. Picking through the garbage on the side of the road can reveal behaviors of fast-food customers, or sitting for only one hour in the university canteen can understand the gender differences in choosing (diet) meal, or even watching the customer’s behavior from deciding which yogurt to be taken off its store shelves in the supermarket can also answer the question: Are the customers be attracted by its appearance or flavor or price or brand or nutrition? The aim of this observation assignment is to evaluate and explain the different types of interactions between individual and groups present, as well as the environment ...view middle of the document...

The observation took place over a one hour and thirty minutes period. This time period allowed me enough time to view individuals as they first entered the restaurant, order their food, eat, socialize, pay the bill, and then finally leave. To conduct and record the observations during the one-hour-and-a-half experiment a pen and paper were used as the basic tools. I decided to have a sit next to the “Japanese” table, using laptop and wrote down everything observed.
Glancing over my shoulder I noticed a group of three people, two boys and one girl. All of the groups of friends observed appeared to be in their early twenties. One boy absolutely comes from Asia; I figured because of his tiny body with black hair and dark brown eyes. Moreover he spoke Hungarian quite slowly. The other boy wearing a red T-shirt looks very friendly and talkative. The girl in a white shirt goes with black skirt looked so polite; maybe she had just finished her presentation. Both of them are Hungarian; and I guessed they are students from one of the university near here. Once seated, these groups proceeded to converse for approximately ten minutes picking up the menus. Meals in this group of participants were eaten slower with more breaks of conversation. Looking at their table in order to see what they were eating, I saw three cup of bubble tea, one plate of six spring rolls, one “Pho” soup and two “Bun xa xiu” – kind of noodle with meat. They shared the spring rolls, two for each person and continuously made a compliment on that meal. Occasional glances around the room were made throughout their duration in the restaurant. From where I sat, it was not difficult to hear their conversation. Everything was around the topic of school, of teacher, of difficulty in studying. The conversation lasted approximately twenty to thirty minutes after the food plates were taken away. The bill was separately evenly between the numbers of occupants.
One family with two children was also observed. Upon being seated most parents immediately began to help their children decide what they wanted to order. Throughout the meal conversation and all other activity were centered and focused on the children. There were very few times that the parents observed conversing with each other without including the children. Considerable amount of time was allocated to not only assisting the children to eat their food, but also controlling the children and their behavior. However, it was noted that the mother played a more disciplinary role, while the father was more active and playful, playing with the children and their food. In addition the children spent much of their time looking around and observing other tables, instead of eating. In general, the family tables were much louder: they are the combination of scream, laugh, and cry. Once...

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