Social Work With People With Substance Problems In Scotland

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Running Head: Social Work With People With Substance Problems In ScotlandSocial Work With People With Substance Problems In Scotland[The Writer's Name][The Name of the Institution]Social Work With People With Substance Problems In ScotlandAbstractCase StudyLeanne [22] & her mother, Mrs. Smart, have come to the office. Mrs.Smart is much the more talkative & says that her daughter has been injecting heroin for about a year but, although she had her suspicions, she only discovered the full extent of this recently when Leanne & her son moved in with her. Mrs. Smart says Leanne normally injects twice a day, smokes heroin on occasions & also sometimes takes street valium. She says Leanne no longer drinks. Leanne is a single parent with a son, Scott [aged four]. Leanne, Scott & Mrs. Smart live together in a council flat in an area of the city with higher than average indicators of deprivation. Mrs. Smart split up from her first husband just after Leanne was born. This man was a heavy drinker. Mrs. Smart remarried but this relationship ended when Leanne was eleven. This man also drank heavily & physically assaulted Mrs. Smart. The family were known to the Social Work Department at that stage & there were unproven allegations that Leanne's stepfather had physically abused her. Leanne left school with few qualifications. She had various jobs in shops but decided to look after Scott full-time. She has no contact with Scott's father. From the age of fourteen, Leanne drank heavily most weekends with a group of school friends. In her late teens she continued to binge drink but also to use various drugs [cannabis, ecstasy, amphetamines]. She had her own tenancy but felt she could not cope with the isolation & moved back in with her mother about three months ago. Leanne is rather gaunt & becomes more agitated as the interview goes on. She says she is worried about her health, would like to be a good mother to Scott & to go back to work. She has never received help for her drug use. Mrs. Smart says that Scott can be quite aggressive & has tantrums. She says that two days ago she came back from work to find Scott alone in the house. Mrs. Smart says she is 'worried sick' but does not know what to do.IntroductionLeanne and Drug or Alcohol useIn this assignment I had been given the task to choose a client Leanne for her treatment and a drug cure, or addiction of drugs, which may be misused by Leanne. Then review the available evidence relating to prevalence and critically analyse the treatment options available along with their theoretical underpinnings, and finally debate the issues from a harm reduction standpoint. Thus, I have chosen ' Leanne' as my client group and 'Alcohol' as the drug which may be misused by that group.So, broadly speaking, what is 'alcohol abuse'? And what is 'alcoholism'? There is a slight dissimilarity among the two...

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