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Social Phobia: Write A Short Descriptive Story Of An Event That Has Taken Place In Your Life

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The huge hall was slowly being engulfed by gloom, as the setting sun gave way to the creeping darkness. The massive space was being filled with flickering gleams from candles hovering here and glancing there, which cast the normally elegant vast room to one of the most terrifying places on earth. The light from the unsnuffed candles landed on an atramentous crucifix and a dying Christ. The benches lined up to form an army of soldiers, wary from their old age and their antagonizing suffering of bearing huge loads.As I stared out at this enormous empty space, a rush of adrenaline sped through my veins, sending my heart beating faster and faster. I gasped for more and more of the unventilated air as my regular breathing was replaced by shallow breaths, which quickened up its pace along with that of my heart. I felt myself quake in every limb and in all my soul. The food from my afternoon meal rolled in my stomach making me undergo digestive discomfort. My hands, cold from sweat pouring out of every pore in my body, as I thought about the great hurdle that lay before me.The massive hall was starting to fill with sounds as people buzzed around here and there, taking their respective seats. Their voices seemed to condemn me to the deepest darkest corners of hell. As I joined them in body but not in soul, my mind wandered here and there wondering about the disastrous consequences of what might happen if I did something wrong. At that moment if it were at a funeral, I would rather be in the casket than delivering the eulogy.The time came. Silent and forbidding, the massive hall loomed in front of me. It was my turn, I walked up the stairs to the podium, gulped, a sea of unclosed eyes stared at me. Their prying eyes shredded my steadily declining confidence, replacing it with dread of the disgrace I would have to suffer for the rest of my life, if I made a mistake. I opened my mouth to thank the audience for coming but my dry mouth failed to do its job. No sound...

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