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Although all planning involves social interaction in one way or another, I reject the statement, “In the end, all planning is social planning” because social planning focus more on the impacts of sociology, the study of human interactions and social structures, as compared to other forms of planning where there is less emphasis on social impacts in decision making. Not all planning have the same approach to an issue and social planning is unique because it is from a sociological perspective where planners use social factors to explain and interpret existing issues in society and examine social impacts on people’s well-being.
To support that social planning is unique from other types of planning, I will examine the topics of community housing with the example of Regent Park presented by Laura Johnson and the role of public institutions from class lecture four by Laura Schatz.
In the example of Regent Park by Laura Johnson, the University of Waterloo professor examined the social impacts of the neighbourhood located in downtown Toronto. She first introduced the social profile or demographics of the people living in Regent Park which were described as relatively low-income, high unemployment to employment ratio, and young population comparing to other neighbourhoods in Toronto. In addition, the community had a reputation crime and violence (Johnson, 2010). She described various solutions from a sociological perspective to help the people in Regent Park, including subsidized community housing, government sponsored paid learning programs and services that support the children and young adults in the community. She then mentioned the media focus and social implications including the loss of sense of community and safety and that people are moving out of Regent Park to other neighbourhoods in Toronto and redevelopment is necessary to attract more people to live in Regent Park (Johnson, 2010). Dr. Laura Johnson’s presentation of Regent Park is an example of social planning because she used a sociological approach which focused on social factors including demographics, reputation, social programs, community housing, and the role of media on the people living in the neighbourhood. However, she did not mention in detail how the area is divided in terms of function which is more about land use planning. There was no mentioning of accessibility of pedestrians which is a focus in transportation planning. She also did not specifically mention the urban design of community housing and what kinds of public amenity are available in the area. Furthermore, she talked about the benefit of the redevelopment on people, but not on how the redevelopment...

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