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Emily Sullivan Stuart Sprake

Emily Sullivan Stuart Sprake

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Social Policy Assignment One

What is Social Policy?

Using examples of health and/or education evaluate whether everyone in the U.K. is provided with the same levels of welfare.

The aim of this essay is to explain what social policy is, then the essay will assess the success of policies relating to health since the Beveridge report. In this section it will explain what the Beveridge report is, the start of the National Health Service and also the Welfare State. The essay will also concentrate on the different groups of people within the United Kingdom.

The meaning of Social Policy usually has two possible meanings. It is used to refer to the academic subject called social policy or more importantly, it means social policies themselves, that is to say the intentions and activities of governments that are broadly social in their nature.

Social policy helps us understand how to see how complex our current societies work, how they are sustained and how they are continually changing. All successful societies must find ways to protect their members from the risks of childhood.

Social Policy is the study of government and their policies relating to welfare provision, it is also linked to many of the social sciences that includes philosophy, sociology, economics, psychology, law, history and politics.

"More specifically, social policy entails the study of the social relations necessary for human wellbeing and the systems by which wellbeing may be promoted. It's about the many various things that affect the kinds of life that everyone can live." (Social Policy, by Hartley Dean).

The Beveridge Report was written during the war. William Beveridge saw social policy largely in terms of redistribution between different categories of people; it ranged from people who were employed to those who were unemployed, from people of working age to those in retirement, and from the healthy people to those who were sick. In this day and age welfare is based more on an individual basis. This perspective sees individual lives as subject to a whole range of risks, particularly risks of dependency and exclusion.

William Beveridge's "five giants". `The plan for Social Security is put forward as part of a general programme of social policy. It is one part only of an attack upon five giant evils: upon the physical Want with which it is directly concerned, upon Disease which often causes that Want and brings many other troubles in its train, upon Ignorance which no democracy can afford among its citizens, upon the Squalor which arises mainly through haphazard distribution of industry and population, and upon the Idleness which destroys wealth and corrupts men, whether they are well fed or not, when they are idle'. (Social Policy by John Baldock, et al).

On the 5th July 1948 the health secretary Aneurin...

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