Social Policy Work Experience Essay

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Social Policy Work Experience

I am currently participating in a project named 'Curtain Call' which
is organised by Hallam Volunteering. Hallam volunteering is part of
the students union at Sheffield Hallam University. The organisation is
led by students, it is controlled and managed by one head student who
is elected to take control by other students via a vote. It does
however have five members of staff who are not students; they are
full-time members of staff, with their roles involving support and
guidance for student volunteers (

Hallam Volunteering was set up over thirty years ago by a small group
of students who wanted to take action and help the community. This
group got bigger and received more recognition and was formally
recognised by the students union. Students led the organisation for
ten years but it grew so much that a full-time member of staff was
needed. The organisation has progressed rapidly over the past few
years as three years ago it had only one member of staff and eight
projects, today it has five members of staff and is currently
participating in thirty-four projects.

Hallam volunteering is funded via the government, by an active
community fund, two years ago HEFCE (Higher Education Active Community
Fund) ( set up a policy whereby each university in
England would be given money for volunteering, the money given to each
university varies depending on the size of the university and the
amount of students there are attending the university, the amounts
given to each university ranged between £10,000 and £500,000. This
fund was set up, as it wanted to encourage greater involvement of
students (and staff) in voluntary and community activities. They
believe that volunteering promotes a fairer, more cohesive society in
which the individuals feel they have a stake. This policy is to be
reviewed in August 2004 and until then Hallam volunteering is unaware
as to how much money they will receive for the next year. It is
therefore difficult to plan what Hallam volunteers will be doing next
as to whether it will carry on expanding or whether it will have to
decrease in size and the amount of projects it takes on

Hallam volunteering allows students to take part and help in wider
society with the safety and training support students need to ensure
not only the student's safety but also the safety of those who are
being helped. It also encourages collaborations with established
volunteering organisations to allow students to carry on with their
volunteering after their university course finishes. It is an
organisation, which enables students to help others.

The project I am participating in is based in a school in a deprived
area of Sheffield and involves helping pupils aged between eleven and

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