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Social Policies of Race and Poverty
Kelly Gleason
Why do racial differences continue to have an outcome on socio-economic burdens in today’s society . You would think that given the significant progress America has had in civil rights movements and antidiscrimination policies, along with an increased ethnic diversity in our country , why is it that poverty still so colored focused? Why have the racial differences in poverty persisted for as long as they have? Furthermore, what can we do to confront them and what kind of social policies will help?
When it comes to the issue of social policies on poverty, I feel that race and poverty should have its own category, because the poverty that poor black Americans experience is often different from the poverty of poor whites. It's more isolating and concentrated and it extends beyond the doorstep of a family's home and occupies their entire neighborhood around it, saturating the streets, the schools, the local businesses. A poor black family, in essence, is far more likely than a poor white one to live in a neighborhood where many other families just are poor, too, creating what sociologists have called the "double burden" of poverty. Beyond attempting to escape poverty, a black person in America then must face a society that will still judge and classify as poor. If you put a poor white man in a business suit you can pass him off as a higher social class, however a black man must still prove himself after the suit is on.
In this paper, I would like to discuss and analyze the social policies that pertain to both poverty and race. Both issues are important to me, and combined, they are crucial because concentrated poverty is getting worse because poor people, especially poor black Americans, are increasingly being left behind. A number of forces are driving a pattern of poverty, such as systemic discrimination and extremely substandard schools in those areas where there is a higher black student population. I hope to present an argument as to why there should be more public policy specifically to address issues that are affecting those of color in poverty, because there are separate issues that black Americans face in poverty that white Americans do not.
Literature Review
Anderson, Elijah. 2012. Bringing fieldwork back in: contemporary urban ethnographic research. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE
The black ghetto is a major icon in American culture and society, and it has also become an important source of prejudice, prejudice, discrimination, and stereotypes. From the beginning of our nation with the days of slavery through the Civil Rights period of the 1960’s, black people have occupied a caste-like status in today’s American society. In spite of the progressive changes shaped by the racial integration process of the Civil Rights Movements, the color lines continue in a new, developing form in our everyday lives.
As black people have become progressively more visible throughout society,...

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