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Social Problem Essay

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1.Do you know how to define a social problem? I will tell you the problem. There are two aspects which can be used to identify what the social problem is. One is identifying conditions or occurrences as problems that is kind of trouble, harm unacceptable cost, or moral wrong. At the same time, we should know whether various phenomena are a problem.The second aspect that is considered in determining whether a condition or occurrence is a social problem involves identifying those problems as a social which affect huge numbers of people, stem from social causes, and can be solved through social action.The first social problem I want to say is homelessness. These people sometimes do not get the ...view middle of the document...

For example, the government could take some of money into a fund which is established to help homeless people to learn some kinds of skills, or maybe help them find some jobs which they might have ability to do that job.The second one I want to say is the discrimination against minority at the admission level entering the college. So if we want to know whether this problem as a social problem. We may also consider the two aspects of the social problems. First, identifying conditions or occurrences as problems, we may find the inequality of opportunity, meaning that some special quotas or separate admission track for different ethnicities, especially for the minority by having those rules to follow than other majorities have to follow in the admission process. For instance, during the admission process, some people do not like the Asian or African American students to get into college. Sometimes they will set a special requirement for those students, who need to have highest SAT scores than others. Or they must demonstrate the excellent off- campus activity experience. Second, we could find out more and more different ethnicities, minorities have to face this kind of social problem. Putting those people in a disadvantage starting level, they should be treated equally during the admission process.2.Discrimination against different ethnicities, especially the minorities during the admission process. First, we look at the agents involving in this social problem. Individuals, the minority people, who have been treated inequitably during the process, may have files a complaint against the university with the federal Department of Education. At the same time, the college admission office also may argue what they have done during the admission process is relative equal to every student, and there is no discrimination against someone.Then we might see some social control at that point, perhaps the individual, the minority people will not file complaint to the Department of Education, They probably will negotiate with the people in the admission office, to meet with the supervisor of the admission office, to express his or her point of view, and hopefully the admission office will reconsider or review his or her admission material. This is kind of the informal social control without the involvement of the government. While if the social control become formal, it is called social policy. For example, the Supreme Court might rule out the quotas or separate admission track for the different ethnicities, minority, if the he or she sues the admission office of the university. Or some TV educational programs have been discussing whether the special or higher standard requirement is a discrimination against different minorities in the admission process. This kind...

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