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My group content analysis went a little differently then I had planed. Throughout the three weeks we had in class to work on it, only one of then my whole group was there. The first week all five of my group members were in class, and we used that class period to decide on a topic and create a coding process for our data. The next week both the inside students from our group were absent, but we still used that time to gather our data into one, and map different content trends we discovered. The third week was probably the most difficult for me, we were expecting our inside group members to return, so we could add their data to our own, but again they were both gone. Along with the inside students being gone from our group, we were also missing one of our outside students, fortunately she had given us her data before class. We ended up using our in class time on the third week to make a poster to aid in our presentation of the data.
I really enjoyed the first week we worked on our content analysis because everyone from our group was in class! The topic that was given to us was group conflict across countries. This was my first choice, and thankfully our whole group agreed to keep it as our topic. After we had decided on our topic, we each picked an information source to gather data from. The source I chose to use was the Wall Street Journal, others in my grouped decided to use CNN (online), Morning News, Star Tribune, and 10 pm News. The next thing we did was create our topic question; How is group conflict across countries portrayed through the media? Now that we had our topic question we created a coding process, to tell us what information to gather so the next week our data could be combined. Our coding process came out to be; the conflict must include two or more countries, is the conflict portrayed as positive or negative, is it short tern or long term, is there active fighting, which countries are involved in the conflict, how much space/time is given to the topic, and are there any pictures.
At first I was a little apprehensive about the data gathering process, because I wasn’t completely sure what to do. However, once I got started it turned out to be relatively easy. The source I used, The Wall Street Journal, is available everyday in Armstrong Hall, so each morning I took the daily copy. Once I had a few days worth of copies, I began looking through them for news on conflicts that involved two or more countries. I found that there are, on average, two articles of this sort per day. For the most part I followed the coding process we had set up in class; but I decided, to better analyze my data, there were a few more things I had to add. When I recorded weather or not there was a picture I also recorded if it was in color or not, and what size it was, also when I decided weather the conflict was portrayed as positive or negative I wrote down some quotes that seemed to support my decision. Another thing I added, past...

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