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Social, Professional And Educational Essay

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Information Technology will break borders to teach, expand and improve social, educational and professional futures. The real-time transfer of information from opposite sides of the world will give knowledge on all standpoints of life. Knowledge that is important to enacting a positive future for all.
Information technology will give the ability to develop and keep relationships regardless of borders or distance and will enable a merging of people and culture allowing for new customs and a new importance on individual traits rather than ethnic characteristics. Countless amounts of varied and diverse learning resources is contained and passed with technology empowering people from all ...view middle of the document...

With the great increase of novation a new job market will be introduced that will change how people see jobs.
Although human interaction while using information technology presents many possible problems and is used in many relationships and will be used in future relationships it is still face to face interaction that gives a deeper meaning to those relationships that may not have existed without information technology. Even though the future of Information technology has an image of a new understanding of other nations and co-operation without borders there is also a possibility that social tension between nations will increase with the understanding of what a people believe in. Individual people who may seem similar to others people in their nation will always have differences between them. With information technology breaking borders where people come from will not be as important as what they do. For example such traits as respecting elders and domestic abuse are universal. The quick transfer of records about disease and illness will facilitate prevention and early treatment for life threatening sickness as well enabling a mass database for medical advances in medicine and vaccines. The future use of technology to gain information about where crimes are happening and why will influence how cities are changed and planned preventing violent crimes in addition to giving police forces a greater reaction time while informing them how to react. Relationships between people from all other nations and beliefs...

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