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Social Reajustment Rating Scale Essay

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CONTROL & UNPREDICTABILITYThere are obviously individual differences in people's vulnerability to stress, nonetheless research has indicated that there are some features to events which make them more likely to be perceived as stressors.These are LACK of CONTROL UNPREDICTABILITY CONFLICT & FRUSTRATIONStudies with both animal & human subjects have shown that UNCONTROLLABLE SITUATIONS are highly stressful. WEISS (1972) found that if 2 RATS simultaneously received ELECTRIC SHOCKS of the same intensity & duration, but one could turn a wheel to postpone the shocks, the rat without any control option displayed a lower immunity to decease.The LACK of CONTROL over an event often results in the person being stressed. GEER & MAISEL (1973) found through showing 2 Groups colour transparencies of victims of violent deaths. Participants in Group 1 were told they could stop the "slide show" by pressing a button. Those in Group 2 were not given this option. The 2 Groups saw the pictures for the same length of time. However, the results showed that Group 2 (those without the stop button) found the viewing more stressful. Stress was measured by electrical resistance of the skin, which shows the level of arousal in the autonomic nervous system. This experiment suggests that the perception of having control over the situation WILL affect the level of stress being encountered.Research on UNPREDICTABILITY by Psychologists, studying the behaviour of people from OTHELLO, not far from SAINT HELEN'S, were the most powerful volcano eruption occurred in 1980. There were apparent warnings of the eruption, but no-one could predict the time scale or scale of the blast. As it was 60 people died, 150 miles was destroyed from the hot ashes. After the blast Psychologists found 198% increase in illness related to stress a 235% increase in MENTAL Health problems, resulting in 18:6% increase in mortality rates. Emergency services received a dramatic rise in crisis calls, and the local Mental Clinic had an increase in appointments. - (Adapted from ADAMS & ADAMS 1984) from Rice & Haralambos (2002).CONFLICT can produce FRUSTRATION, in fact frustration is often defined as a negative feeling that results from delaying or preventing a goal or course of action.For many women CONFLICT & FRUSTRATION is increasing due to the fact that they are juggling roles being a wife, mother, employee and housewife. Each role is demanding in terms of time, emotion & energy and the effective performance of one role can impair the performance of others. The result can be stressful - for example if a child is ill and requires nursing and taking time of work is out of the question.SOCIAL READJUSTMENT RATINGPsychologists have been long interested in trying to measure the stress in people's lives, so that links can be made to physical/psychological disorders.One of the most significant attempts to identify the key...

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