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Social Status Essay

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Roles are created from social status. Social status is the position we have in a social hierarchy. As a person’s social status change, their role also changes. Many will have more than one status at a time but they will perform their role one at a time. The roles we go through are not as easy as they seem to be. Each role has to be properly fulfilled in order to get approval from the society. Roles are difficult to maintain and succeed in for the reason that society expects other to behave a certain way according to their roles and if they do not, then they point their fingers at them. The roles can be classified from the way one dresses, such as their clothing, language, demeanor and general appearance will be different from male to female. Many might have endured role conflicts with a multiple role expectations. People will always try to perform their best when performing a role, even though it can be very difficult. One’s position can be over seen over all other status is master status. There can be a positive or a negative effect on the master status but depends on the society to decide what ones master status is.
The expectations that must be fulfilled for a role to be properly played are the actions that society has set. The behavior one should follow in order to proper attain the role. an example of this would be the role of a father taking care of his family, playing with his children, support them financially and much more. His master status will be positive and every one will appreciate him for fulfilling his role perfectly. Nevertheless if one was to do something different from the norm, then the society labels the person negatively. If the father was to neglect his responsibilities of the family and start drinking, than the society would label him as a bad father. Along with the negative title of "bad father" he would also be labeled as an alcoholic, since he is fulfilling the expectations to become an alcoholic. His master status from positive will change to negative because people do not approve of his actions. We lean more toward the expectations that is observed from others in a given social setting, when we take the roles. Even though when we make roles, we occupy in communications that clarify and outline those expectations. We intend to cheat when it comes for us to follow the roles. Everyone is given roles which people are required to follow. The roles are knowledge as an essential part of process of socialization from historical factors, power distribution and cultural values. (Zurcher, 1983, 14) As children grow up, they receive strong massages from culture about sex traits, tasks and behaviors. Sandra Bem had raised her son without the cultural influences, she even allowed him to play with girl toys. One day she allowed her son to wear a barrette to his nursing school and his peers made fun of him because he was wearing something a girl would wear. This illustrates that kids “develop a strong sense of gender identity.”...

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