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Social Responsibility Essay

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What is CSR and why has it risen to prominence in the past decade?
There are now several concepts of CSR and its definition, along with the meaning across corporations. In my opinion, and according with our textbook in page 11. CSR is about a particular set of business and strategies that deal with social issues. In addition, we can clearly perceive that CSRs application along corporations has increase in the past decade due to the several local, and international regulations in order to enforce business to act responsible.

2. What are the six main characteristics of CSR? How do definitions of CSR vary around the core characteristics?
The six main characteristics of CSR are:
Managing externalities
Multiple stakeholders orientation
Social economic alignment
Practices and values
Beyond philanthropy
Each definitions of CSR does vary around the core characteristics based on their conceptual concentrations and particular focus, for example, under the Voluntary Characteristic, CSR see the overall voluntary activities beyond the law. The Externalities, study both, the positive and negative side effects economic behavior affected by third parties. Under the Multiple Stakeholder Orientation, CSR considered a full range and its interests that impact results along the corporation stakeholders group. Our textbook states that, The Alignment of Social and Economic Responsibilities, study and determine the focus of the shareholders and profitability. In addition, the corporations Practices and Values focus clearly about the particular business practices and their strategies. Furthermore, the Beyond Philanthropy focus the entire operations of the firms in some regions of the world.

3. Select four corporations and four NGOs and research their perspectives on CSR on the web. To what extent is there overlap and divergence in their view of CSR? What can account for these similarities or differences?
After visiting the websites of companies like: Nike, Samsung, Coca-Cola and Uncharted Play, I could easily identify...

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