Social Responsibility On Our World Essay

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Social Responsibility in Our World
Have you ever wondered why businesses and corporations do certain things, why they set certain motives, and why there are reusable bags on every end cap in every store nowadays? It’s all apart of corporate social responsibility. Social responsibility is making a large impact on everyone around the world. The benefits of it are easily seen and heard all around the globe and it’s practice is not only being taught within companies but also within our homes.

First, what is corporate social responsibility? It is much like a recipe of ingredients that make one homemade sauce. Ethics, legality, economic, and philanthropic measures are all parts that contribute to social responsibility. “The core principle of CSR is that people benefit from the existence of a corporation, or at least they aren’t harmed by its being in operation,” says Corey Camp, a writer for The Pitch. It’s not just the thought of doing something for the benefit of not only the people around you, but also people all around the world and helping the planet itself. Many people have made a positive push to towards thinking with this mindset over the last few decades. Companies around the United States have pushed into the corporate social responsibility mindset. Why? The answer is simple, they want to help the world, maybe not for the fact of helping it, but for profit. But companies aren’t the only ones who strive to be more socially responsible. People around the world have been thinking more about the planet and those around us by donating to charities, to recycling their used goods, and much more.

Continually, the impact that has been made by having a social responsibility mindset is astounding. Toms shoes started out in 2006 after owner and CEO Blake Mycoskie came home saddened by a lack of shoes on a recent trip to Argentina. He started out in an apartment with a few friends making shoes with the idea that for every set of shoes that he sold, they would make a pair in it’s likeness to send to the needy children in Argentina. Since 2006, Toms has given shoes to over 60 countries and plan to keep giving. "I was so overwhelmed by the spirit of the South American people, especially those who had so little, and I was instantly struck with the desire – the responsibility – to do more." says Blake Mycoskie on his first travel to Argentina. Today, Toms has become a driving force, not only in shoe wear but also in the world, giving over 10 million shoes to people in less fortunate countries and expanding to eyesight and eyewear as well.

Corporate social responsibility is a driving force that can lift a company into profit and growth, other times it can really hurt a company. Sketchers began a new line of shoes called BOBS in 2010 distinctly copying the idea of Toms started a few years earlier. While, it says the same philanthropic idea of buy a pair, give a pair, BOBS were not received well by consumers because it came across that BOBS and in part,...

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