Social Security And Medicare Will Hang By A Thread

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People receiving Social Security and Medicare need to prepare for drastic changes. Social Security and Medicare in unity has been around since 1965. President Lyndon B. Johnson decided to help the elderly pay for expensive medical necessities from doctor visits to medicine. President Johnson knew that elderly individuals would have less income and pay more for medical necessities than younger individuals. He made Social Security and Medicare a number one priority during his presidency, not knowing years down the line doctors and pharmaceutical companies would try to squeeze the life out of it.
Through the years doctors’ and pharmaceutical companies have become greedy. Doctors diagnose ...view middle of the document...

If the system is not altered at some point full benefits will not be paid as promised. (13)
In a decade Social Security recipients will face further denial of benefits whether they are eligible or not due to the decrease of funding payouts. Currently eligible recipients fall short of receiving benefits and hire attorneys to fight for their money. Within a decade denial of benefits will become a more established problem with a greater failure rate. Those fortunate to receive benefits will still face problems with choosing plans that may or may not cover the type of specialist needed for their particular illness or disease. In short, changes will affect recipients over the next decade until a proper formula is put in place to strengthen the thread Social Security and Medicare are hanging by.
Some people may disagree with Social Security and Medicare being one the most important problems America will face in the coming decade. Some people might say that FICA takes out money for those recipients receiving benefits and as long as the individuals worked and paid into the money pot they will get their monies worth. Further mentioning that most elderly live with family being well taken care of financially, as well as go to the doctor on a regular basis. However, the families taking care of their elderly parent or family member already have financial responsibilities to accommodate and are unable to provide for both without becoming stressed, depressed or mentally tired, due to the lack there of. The doctor appointments are scheduled back to back for an elderly causing the care giver of the family to miss days from work adding more misery to the problem.
In today’s society money does not stretch far. The individuals receiving Social Security and Medicare either need to get a part...

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