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The most general definition of technology is the application of science or knowledge and many fields of science have promoted from technology. “Technology has always there been present in human society, even from its very origin and it has always been in our lives as for the first begun, the question arises however, is technology powerful enough to control the society? Or is the society the reason behind the technology advancements in recent years?” (Paschal, P, p109)This essay will attempt to show an understanding of the meaning of the theory/concept social shaping of technology. Technology development should be seen as a mixture of different elements, and technological change as a constant process, where technology and social aspects are co- shaped during the development and application of technology in society.
In social shaping of technology (SST) issues concerning technology are always of a negotiated directive in terms of how issues are raised and also how to be resolved. In case of emerging of technology it is always important to approach relations between technology and society with a focus on factor choices, and socio-technic/socio material of the research approach process. “The social shaping of technology (SST) approach examines the content of technology and processes involved in innovation this includes political, social, organisational and cultural factors in contrast to move traditional approaches which address the outcomes of technological change” (Mackenzie, D. and Wajman, J. p457). The key aspect in Mackenzie and wajman’s argument is that relation between people and their gender are what seem to shape the development of technology. Shaping of technology is about social relations and social process.
Increasing agricultural productivity and competitiveness are influenced by a range of factors but science-driven innovation and the development of new technologies and systems are essential elements. “The food protection chain has become more complex, providing greater opportunities for contamination and growth of pathogens. Many out breaks of foodborne diseases that we once contained within a small community may now take on global dimensions”. (W.H.O online)
In UK there is food standards agency (FSA) which promotes food safety and food standards as a non – ministerial department focusing on the protection of consumers and their interests. Food standards agency formation in 2000, and has been working towards the reduction of food disease caused by some pathogens. According to farminguk website, “there are fifteen innovations used by farmers, politicians, scientist and businesses to promote healthier environment and more food – secure future such as safeguarding local food biodiversity, guaranteeing the right to food, using farmers’ knowledge etc.” (Farminguk online)
A wide range of approaches to agriculture innovation has emerged in the UK over the past decade by transfer of technology approach and technology development....

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