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Use Of Social Networking Essay

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Widespread use of social networking has brought along legal and ethical issues. A number of basic rights arising under the US Constitution can be implicated in cases involving use of social media – freedom of speech, search and seizure issues, right to privacy, and denial of due process (Cain & Fink, 2010). Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter bring new complexities to the legal and ethical environment of higher education. Some important ethical questions Cain & Fink ask in their article are: who is viewing the social media information; how is the social media information accessed; for what purpose is the social information used; what are the criteria one uses for making judgments about social media information; and what is the nature of “relationships” in social media. Individuals using social networking sites feel that if they set their information to private only certain people should be allowed to see what they post. The user may feel that their individual privacy has been violated if anyone outside of the intended audience has viewed what they posted.
Representational State Transfer (REST) is an architectural style of large-scaled network software that takes advantage of the technologies and protocols of the World Wide Web. REST Resources define and addresses sources of specific information and are referred to individually with a universal resource identifier, for example the URL used for Web addresses. REST often describes any simple interface used to transmit domain-specific data over HTTP without the need for additional messaging layers or session tracking (Kay, 2007). REST is the most popular method used to transport and represent structured information.
Facebook is one of the most popular sites in the world. Security holes are being found on a daily basis. In 2010 a security hole was found that made it possible for users to read their friends’ private chats. It has since been patched, but who knows how long the flaw existed. It could have been that way for years. Another security issue that was found in 2010 was hoax applications that became available with a new variation of the Koobface virus, which directs users to a fake YouTube page where they are encouraged to install malware. One of the problems is that Facebook allows anybody to write an application and third party applications are not vetted before they are released to the public. Facebook could enhance security by vetting apps before they are made available on the social network.
Additionally there was a flaw in the system that exposes private information. A security hacker named Nir Goldshlager was able to exploit a flaw in the Facebook OAuth, a service used by developers to get permission from subscribers of the social networks in order to properly run their applications on the platform. Information was being shared with third parties. In order to access an app via Facebook, Facebook would require you to give the developer of the game consent to access your...

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