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Government research essay

There are two main recourses will be used in this critical research essay, these two chapters from two books are good upon this essay question.

The first item is ‘social networks’, the third chapter from ‘interactivity-new media, politics and society’ which written by Alec Charles. In this chapter, Charles adduced how the multimedia interactively changed the lifestyle of citizen and media industry with various new media communication technologies rising. The other chapter ‘policy in an age of information” which has chosen from ‘Australian politics in a digital age’ is also a significant and essential recourse to analyze this question. In this chapter, one the one hand, it mainly analyzed new media cannot change the natural of contemporarily policy, but it recognized government is stepping into an information and digital era. The growing of new media industry altered the communication mode between government and citizen, on the other hand, in order to monitor, contemporary policy start to establish more policies for the new media in the seventh chapter.

First of all, the main point in the first chapter in the book is ‘interactivity-new media, politics and society’ is media industry and life of citizen has been changed in the digital age. The traditional media industry has been experienced transformation and the fusion in the face of the appearance of new media. Large number of traditional media company bankrupted in this media revolution, but some of them survived by their positive coping and positive transformation. For citizen, it can be discussed by macroscopic aspect and microscopic aspect. In terms of macro, new digital media promoted the global culture exchanged which globalized multimedia grouped different nations into a global village. From micro point of view, with the emergence of social communications and Internet application, every individual changed their lifestyle and the way of expressing their emotion in the daily life.

Nevertheless, not every writer believes new media changed every part of life, Peter Chen point out the government is trying to use the new technologies but they do not depend on them. New media dose indeed the way of managing in government and the way of political propaganda, but it could not essentially change the policy. Thus, technology is not panacea change everything, it is at best merely an intermediary between government and citizen.
These two resources hold different opines because each of them focus on varied areas, which are public, media and political.

To supporting the main opine, there are various diagrams from surveys and statements which provide by authority scholar in these two resources. These evidences are really important and useful for answering essay question.

According to the research, as the new media prospered, various digital technologies growing
Many of media technology become popular, such as e-newsletters, reality televisions, and social software and...

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