Social Welfare: America Needs A Solution

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Social Welfare: America Needs a Solution
A single divorcee’ mother of two is working a minimum waged job that doesn’t pay life’s cost of survival. Not only does this mother have to take care of herself, she has children that need shelter, nourishment, and stability. In order for that to be possible, help is needed. Most people, majority is fathers, have too much pride to ask for help because of the image. Being on social welfare promotes the ego dropping image that one cannot provide for themselves or their family. But is image more important than the life itself? Children are dying of hunger or dehydration because their parents cannot afford decent meals or purified water. Children are dying from sickness because their parents cannot afford a home that protects them from the cold. Some of these parents are working forty hours a week or more for minimum wage and still cannot afford the necessities to live healthy. Some parents cannot find a job due to lack of qualification. The government has provided resources for people who are disadvantaged; however, there are still problems that need to be addressed. Social welfare isn’t a discouragement, it is a helping hand. There is no reason why lives should be shortened because of the inability to access governmental assistance. Social welfare benefits America as a whole because it serves as a crutch for the financially handicapped and provides motivation to work harder for a better lifestyle.
Social security arose in 1935. Prior to that, the stock market crash of 1929 and The Great Depression caused family service agencies to become overwhelmed with high unemployment rates and relief needs. “Between 1929 and 1932, about one-third of the nation’s private agencies disappeared for lack of funds.” (From Poor Law to Welfare State, Walter I. Trattner, The Free Press, New York, 1999) Franklin D. Roosevelt became the president in 1932 and ratified the New Deal social welfare programs in order to fight against unemployment and poverty. This was considered to be the first time that the government had taken responsibility for social welfare programs. The Social Security Act was approved in 1935 in which it had benefits for workers, industrial accident victims, unemployment insurance, and aid for dependent mothers, children, the blind, and physically handicapped. With the Social Security Act and its 1939 Amendments, social welfare went viral over the whole country and was responsible for the disadvantaged. Even though social welfare was growing, there were some issues that came along with the expansion. The plans were limited towards elderly people and showed a lot of inconsistency state to state. “The restrictions were so severe and the number of states that actually had launched their plans and committed funds to them was so limited that even in 1935, in the depths of the Depression, there were less than 200,000 people covered under state old-age assistance plans”. (Old Age Security Staff Report, 1934) Personal...

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