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Social Welfare In Australia Essay

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EconomicsWoolooware High SchoolSocial WelfareTeacher: Mr JacobSean BarnesSocial welfare is defined as the provision of a minimal level of well-being and social support for all citizens. In Australia, the government provides payments and assistance to lower income earners through the use of social welfare to reduce income inequality and to protect the well being of all of its population. This means the government creates a "safety net" to protect individuals within society. The government is able to provide social welfare assistance with the revenue gained from taxation. Over a third of the total income tax collected by the Government goes into payments of unemployment payments, sickness benefits, aged and disability pensions, family allowances and social security payments. These payments are provided through the Department of Human Services and most of their Social Security Payments are provided through one of their master programs called Centrelink. 7.1 million Australians claimed benefits through Centrelink last year and a considerable percentage these people claimed for childcare. There has been much debate on how the social welfare system should be run in Australia with past governments implementing strategies and/or policies to manage social welfare to ensure that the system is sustainable.The government provides many payments and assistance to all Australians. Payments are made to a variety of groups of people. Older Australians who are retired are eligible for many forms of assistance including such support as the Age Pension, Rent Assistance, Pension Supplements and also the Widow Allowance. The Age Pension is an income support payment that assists older people to achieve an acceptable standard of living in retirement. People who receive the Age Pension may also be accepted to receive additional payments such as Rent Assistance or the Pension Supplement. The Widow Allowance ensures widowed, divorced or separated women who were born on or before 1st July 1955 and who have had no recent workforce experience are able to receive benefits.Payments for the unemployed and job seekers are offered to individuals if they are looking for work and or in need of financial assistance to complete studies. Some forms of these payments include the Newstart Allowance and the Youth Allowance. The Newstart Allowance provides financial assistance when looking for work and also supports individuals when participating in activities that may increase the chances of finding a job. The Youth Allowance is there to support young Australians between the ages of 16-21 with financial assistance when undertaking studies.Payments for families are given to help families look after their children's health and education. Payments like the Family Tax Benefit and Parenting Payment can help individuals with the costs of raising children. The Disability Support Pension is a payment given to individuals who have an illness, injury or disability that prevents them from working....

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