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I feel that it is hard to have empathy for the three boys because they have all been into the detention center before. I feel like they should have learned or wanted to change their lives before going into the center for the seventh or more time. They show no emotion or guilt for what they did; I feel that if they showed something I would have empathy for them. I do understand that they all come from a broken home in some way and that they all have issues but since some of them grew up in the center and others have been there before I just feel that with the people there that want to help them they would get help. However, they do not and go back to their old ways. They say they want to ...view middle of the document...

I would think that once they were in the system and saw how crimes can lead to life in prison they would want to change but I saw that is not enough for some people to realize that one day they will not have a second chance. Sometimes realizing that they ran out of chances is what it takes but by that time, it is too late for them.
I wish I could talk some sense into them and make them realize that this may be their last chance to have a life outside of jail. I would want to get the boys help; I would want to find tangible services, which would help them. I would also want to find them a role model a person that they each look up to, to talk to them, and make them realize that they have their whole life in front of them and that they can be a change in the world. I would put them into programs and move them out of their environment to a place that makes them want to be better people and a place where they cannot steal, or sell drugs. I would also want to focus on their strengths and show them that they are not just drug dealers, car stealers or anything else that is negative. I would want to focus on the strengths to make them a better version of themselves. Their past would be a learning block and would not control their future. I would want people who encourage and help them, to become a big role in their lives. I also would want them to talk to other people who have been in jail to tell them how their choices affect their future if they keep going down the wrong path. I would want each of them to go to school and get a degree in something that they like and what to do to show others that anything is possible as long as they put their mind and heart into it. I would want to help them find jobs, which would put their focus on something positive and help get them off the streets. This is what I would want to do in general for all three boys.
In particular, I would want to help Kenneth to be a role model for his younger brother, since he wants the best for him. I would want to help him be the person that his younger brother can look up too. I know that that may be hard but I know from my own life I wanted to do whatever my brother did, so when my brother went to college I knew that no matter what any teacher told me I wanted to too. I believe that younger siblings are like this, they want to follow their big brother or sister. I would want to show him that he needs to be the change in his own life; no one can do that for him. He needs to be the one to say no to stealing a car and walk away, which may be hard, but it is the first step to wanting to be a good role model for his younger brother. That can be said for all three boys, they need to say no and walk away, they need to set an example for others, no one can do that for them.
Broker role in this situation, I would have helped Violet find resources to help her help Walter. An example from the film would be when Walter become hostile when Violet came home...

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