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Social Work And Social Welfare Essay

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QUESTION 1: What Is Social Work And Social Welfare? Compare and contrast (20)

According to Leiva (2014), Social work is a profession that gives help or advice to individuals, groups or communities who have financial or family problems. However, the National Association of Social Work (NASW) define social work as a professional activity of helping individuals, groups, or communities enhance or restore their capacity for social functioning and creating societal conditions favourable to this goal.
Karen (2010, p.23) states that Social work practice consists of the professional application of social work values, principles and techniques to one or more of the following ends.
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How well their needs including social, economic, educational and health are being met.

Question 2: Is Social Work a profession? Discuss?
Social work is a profession in that the field has evolved over time to follow well established tenets that guide its practice. Using a diversity of knowledge based on scientific inquiry, social work profession helps the human and community wellbeing. Guided by a strict ethics, being principles that specify what is good and what is bad help to clarify what should and should not be done (National Association of Social workers (NASW) code ethics is based on professional values (NASW 1999). Another aspect to consider is the adherence to confidentiality which is the ethical principle that entails that workers should not share information provided by a client unless that worker has the client’s permission to do so. Social workers also have established guidelines to ethical decision making that can help them get through the difficult decision making process when solving ethical dilemma (Kirst Ashman & Hull, 2009 and Dolgoff, Loewenberg & Harrington 2009, Reamer, 1998).
The NASW argument that Social work is a profession by establishing code of ethics, general goals or mission and identifies core values as hereunder:
1. Service: the providing of help, resources and benefits so that people can achieve their maximum potential.
2. Social justice: upholding the condition that in a perfect world all citizens would have identical “right, protection, opportunities, obligations and social benefits” regardless of their back grounds and membership in diverse group.(Barker, 2003,p 404-405)
3. Dignity and worth of the person: Holding in high esteem and appreciating individual value.
4. Importance of human relationships: Valuing the dynamic reciprocal interactions between workers and clients, including how they communicate, think and feel about each other and behave toward each other.
5. Integrity: Maintaining trustworthiness and sound adherence to the moral ideals.
6. Competence: Having the necessary skills and abilities to work effectively with clients (NASW 1999).

The code provides no simple formula for resolutions, rather it worries that ethical problems may be viewed from a range of perspectives. Therefore, social workers must use critical thinking to solve ethical issues with the code as a springboard.
Social workers should nurture and support client self-determination, each individual’s right to make his or her own decision.
This means that practitioners are responsible for
1. Informing clients about available resources.
2. Helping them define and articulate their alternatives.
3. Assisting them in evaluating the consequences of each option. The goal is to assist clients in making the best, most informed choices possible.
Social workers must uphold client privacy and confidentiality. Privacy is the condition of being free from unauthorized observation or...

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