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Social Work Entrance Essay

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The one thing that I have always known I loved to do with my life is to help people. Cicero had once said that, “Non nobis solum nati sumus. (Not for ourselves alone are we born)”, a statement that I have always held close to my heart as it means that we are put on this earth for a purpose and one of those purposes is to be there for people who are asking for help, as we should not only worry about our own purpose in life but others as well. I am applying to the Faculty of Social Work for a Bachelor of Social Work at the University of Calgary because I want to learn the skills required to enable me to work with people, supporting them, and making a difference in their lives. My goal is to enhance the wellbeing of the vulnerable, oppressed, and impoverished individuals of our society. Essentially, my reason is driven on my aspiration to see others succeed in fulfilling their own potential, not only to gain happiness, but to see their lives as fulfilling and worthwhile for themselves. Although it feels somewhat cliché, my passion and desire for the field of social work originated from a genuine wish to make a positive difference in other people’s lives. I want to feel like I have done something meaningful, worth something, and that I sparked a light into a person’s life that needs it the most. By receiving the opportunity for a Bachelor of Social Work, I believe I can achieve this and become a supportive and compassionate member of society.
Growing up I had always wanted to create change and hoped to help for the greater good. During my time, so far, at the University of Calgary, some of the courses that I felt drawn to were in Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology; these subjects were some of the most fascinating subjects I have learned about. I became especially interested in social services, studying the unity of the family and how cultures affect human development. Learning about family dynamics, and how structure, balance, and social systems can affect the growth and development of a person, I found this to be one the key factors in growing my strong desire to become a social worker. These courses gave me insight into the diversity of humanity and the hierarchy of social needs; an understanding I hope to develop further within my studies. Learning about marginalized individuals that people turn their backs on in life broke my heart and I want to be that person that helps seek out these individuals and steer their lives in a positive direction. I want to become a social worker so I can empower people and help them rise above their problems and change their lives for the better, teach them skills that will encourage them in learning how to be their own helping hand. I think that life is too short to live in fear and apprehension for the future and I want to help these people to see themselves in a healthier future; to help them gain happiness again and find that inner strength within.
Learning to lend a hand is something that I do on a...

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