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Name:Aliaa AbouteraID:114116Module:Contemporary IdeologiesModule leader:Dr. Maria SottimanoDate:December 12th, 2013Socialism: As a System, Movement, and IdeologyTable of contentsIntroduction…..………………………………………………………. P.1Socialism as a system………………………...……………...………..P.1,2Socialist movements………………… …………...…………………P.2-4The 6th of April Mahalla Incident………………………………..P.2,3The Oaxaca Socialist movement…………………………………P.3,4Goals of socialism………………………...……………….……………P.4,5Conclusion…..…………………………………………..…………........P.5Socialism: as a system, movement, and ideologyThroughout the past decades, many scholars have been concerned with socialism. There has been an ongoing controversy about whether it is still dominant or not. To specify, some scholars, like Andre Gorz, claim that as a system, socialism is dead. However, as a movement it is on the verge of collapsing and that all goals it once proclaimed are out of date. On the other hand, others affirm that, although, socialism does not exist in the form of a system, it is not even about to break down and its goals are not old-fashioned. In fact, as a system socialism is dead, but as a movement it is not on the verge of collapsing and not all the goals it demonstrated are outworn. Fundamentally, the paper aims to analyze the accuracy of Gorz's statement. Basically, it divides his statement into three parts. Firstly, it endorses his belief that socialism is dead as a system and that pure socialism no longer exists. Secondly, it falsifies Gorz's claim that socialism as a movement is "on its last legs" as socialist movements heavily exist in contemporary politics. To prove this, the paper focuses on recent social movements that called for several socialist demands in three different countries. The first social movement that the paper concentrates on is the 6th of April incident that took place in the city of Mahalla in Egypt in order to verify that workers are still fighting the evil side of capitalism, which is exploitation. The second movement sheds light on the Oaxaca incident that took place in 2006 in Mexico. Lastly, the final part of Gorz's statement will be criticized...

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