Socialism Is Possible And Can Work

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Could socialism ever work? This is the question that has at least crossed the minds of hundreds of millions of the people around the globe, especially with credit crunch and recession that unfolded over the past few months. Variety of issues that have revolved around socialism as a concept, theory or an idea is not about its complexity or its difficult interpretation, but the fact that, to most people it sounds too good to be true. Many people having been through demoralizing systems of capitalism, having become convinced that nothing as good as socialism could ever happen in life- just like that without a possible catch somewhere (Colin, 2009, p. 189). Socialism is perfectly reasonable and practical way in which a society’s organization can be based, and the different objections to it are rather mere dominant capitalistic ideologies that are illusory. In this essay, arguments that socialism is in deed possible and can work are presented (Kelly, 2009, p. 3). The efficiency and bureaucracy, the problem of greediness and competition, laziness and efficient work organization to cater for dirty works in a socialist society are analyzed.
Socialism seems less efficient and bureaucratic. One of the typical arguments against socialism is that it is much less efficient and bureaucratic (Caldwell, 2011, p. 87). Analysis of the United States health care system immediately discredits the arguments that private is less bureaucratic than the public. The profit oriented, private health care system in the United States is faced with much bureaucracy that is chiefly aimed at performing of paperwork and the logistics involved ensuring that profits and revenues are channeled to some few individuals (Peter, 2008, p. 335-7). a study carried by Harvard medical school researchers and public citizens in 2004 showed that health care bureaucracy cost the united states approximately $400 billion annually on paperwork, and that the national insurance system could save up to $ 270 annually on paperwork. Fotaki (2009, p. 143) cited that efficiency itself is a very relative thing. It is logical that life would be much better for the majority of the human race if the allocation of resources was crudely or that matter, inefficiently planned on the basis of human needs, rather than perfectly or efficiently organized to intensify inequality, exploitation or annihilate nations. A system or society where ‘abundance turns to be the source of distresses will never be, by any reasonable considerations efficient except in the most constricted and narrow sense (Caldwell, 2011, p. 88). Therefore, due to the fact the ‘tried’ system has failed, collective and socialized organization of our systems proves more and more prevalent.
Human beings are naturally greedy and competitive. A further argument against socialism is that human beings by nature are competitive and greedy beings. In this respect, in a society that embraces socialism, some people would take more resources than necessary....

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