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Performance Assignment Task #1Morgan SchulzNorthcentral Technical CollegeQuestion #1Applying sociological thinking to a daily life can help a person grow and advance in there career. There are several ways to asses this advantage such as looking at the "common sense"factor, previewing the opportunities and constraints within our lives, seeking how being active in our society and how we live in a diverse world.First of all, having a sociological perspective helps us view the truth of "common sense". Normally we tend to praise people who have made higher achievements, like movie stars, scientists, doctors, etc., and look down on those who have less than us such as those who make minimum wage or the homeless. This outlook gives people a chance to ask, are the things we believe to be common actually truthful or truthful to a certain extent.Additionally, using a sociological thought process helps us to see opportunities and constraints in our lives, in other words the good and bad that comes our way. Opportunities can help us move on or hold us back. We choose how to handle them, the better we are at choosing those decisions, the better we become at making our goals more effective.Furthermore, this type of perspective can help empower us to be active in our society. As we begin to understand society we become more involved. With society affecting us, we open or minds to be able to support others that are going through the same thing. Helping our society can help us grow and advance to make thing happen.Creating a sociological perspective assists us to live in a diverse world. In today's world it isn't just Native Americans and English people, we have many cultures, and ethnicities. They have provided many ideas and traditions into our society. We may define our life as the right way to live and that other cultures are wrong, but we are encouraged to think about the strengths and weaknesses of every way of life not just our own.Question #2Culture both limits and expands human freedom. The factors that culture limits are the way that we as a society discriminate towards others. We alienate cultures that aren't part of our norm because they are different and we don't understand them. As a society we discriminate towards groups, genders, race, and even age. Having people that are not similar to us comes off as weird and abnormal. Human freedom also limits culture by trying to be the superior group. This isolates them and can even create bad ties with others, but in fact we need different cultures to have diversity so not everything is the same.People in the United States are more focused on their individualism and money, than family and society as a whole. We as a country strive towards how to better our lives rather than look for nurturing by a family. Some societies in small countries are formed around the family structure to prosper and be genuinely happy. Human freedom limits our choices and...

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