Socialization And Social Isolation Essay

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When someone speaks of “socializing,” one’s thought may automatically reminisce of a memory of bonding or connecting with his friends or family. This thought is not incorrect, but it is only half of what sociologists mean by the term “socialization.” Socialization has two goals that relate to a member of society on a social and individual level, which helps shape who a person is and how they think. There are rare cases and myths where an individual lacks social and learned behaviors by social isolation. Sometimes instances of these happenings involve feral children, which is a child that has had little human connection and may have lived in the wild or in isolation since a young age. Most often, a case of a feral child is a myth, and an actual incident of it is rare. In these rare events, the parents have neglected or abused the child. Once children are out of the social isolation, it is possible to “retrain” them to be “normal,” like the rest of the society. As a child, the development of socialization is not complete. They have a lifetime to experience the things that will form their minds and personalities (Ferris 98-99). I have experienced social isolation to a lesser extent, and I have witnessed the effects that it can have on others and myself, and I realize that social isolation may not always be to the exact intense definition that it is mostly commonly thought of. While seeing how important the development in people of societies and what happens when someone lives in a pure social isolation, I appreciate the process of socialization more and value the goals and achievements it accomplishes.
There are two main goals that socialization achieves. One of the main goals is very important in regards to basic survival skills. Members of a society learn skills that fulfill basic human needs, like how and what to eat, to sleep at optimum times, to defend themselves from danger, etc. This is a cycle that is passed on in order to keep society remaining. The second goal is necessary to guarantee that members of a society follow a common way of life. Members are taught the same standards, morals, and beliefs of the culture and community that they are born into. Both of these goals complete socialization on a social and individual level. We are taught our society’s culture, and we personalize it and make it our own (Ferris 99).
People who are deprived of social interaction will lack learned abilities and behaviors that characterize human beings as civilized. To some, the thought of this could be disturbing, and some of the rare cases that display these behaviors, or the lack thereof, are astounding. A child can only fully develop proper social skills through contact with others. If a baby or child is divested of this, they will not be suitable for the standards or etiquette that society expects. Some children that live with little or no human contact in the wild from an early age are called feral children. Stories of the feral children may be myths....

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