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Socialization And Social Stratification Essay

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Socialisation is a learning process where people learn and adapt to the appropriate and accepted values, attitudes and behaviours of their society. Nevertheless, separate groups exist within societies for reasons including ethnicity, class and culture and these can bring their own set of ‘norms’. Bond and Bond in Sociology and Social Care (2009 pg28) states “From the cradle to the grave we are being socialised”. Primary socialisation occurs from infancy to early adulthood. Secondary socialisation follows into the later stages of maturity. Anticipatory socialisation is where we learn to anticipate the actions and activities deemed appropriate by society. Resocialisation occurs when we learn new behaviours in response to new situations and in contrast to behaviours previously learnt and accepted. This can happen when someone receives a prison sentence. They must learn the rules deemed appropriate by those in authority and adapt to shared living and expectations of conduct with other inmates. Throughout the stages of life we learn new skills to deal with different situations. This socialisation process occurs as a result of involvement from agents; ‘situations and people involved in the process of imparting shared social ideas, values and skill’(pg30). Agents include family, peer groups, educational structures and the media. We learn through observation, knowledge and experience. Social Stratification is a hierarchically organised system that classifies people according to power, wealth and status. Sociological perspectives such as functionalism and conflict theory view this practice differently. Functionalism thrives on maintaining structures within society and the people that adhere to the rules of those structures. It views social stratification as valuable to society as it improves the stability and expectations of members of society. On the other hand, conflict theory perspective, which is interested in the ‘imbalance of power in society’ views social stratification as an unsuccessful and ineffective system as it maintains imbalances of power and benefits only those in a position of prestige. Socialisation and social stratification impacts on our lives both positively and negatively. This essay will explore those effects in relation to social class and ethnicity and analyse how it impacts on the health and well-beings of those groups. That analysis will entail looking at inequalities in health and the impact and explanations for such inequalities. For my conclusion I will be reflecting on the topics discussed and summarising the main issues.
Social Class
Stratification by economic status creates social classes. In Ireland, class structures are organised by occupation, ranging from professional workers such as doctors in class 1 to refuse collectors in class 7. The process of classifying people by occupation does not account for those in society who have no occupation such as the retired and long tern unemployed and those unable to work due to...

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