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Social Responsibility EssayNannas mixed Fruit is a popular product that is produced by a well known company. Unfortunately, the company is experiencing problems with their product as a number of cans were returned this year. The company then discovered that their product contained metal shavings. There will be 5 options that are researched and then the best option for this company will be recommended.Ethical people believe what they do is the right thing to do, this means making a difference to others by making them happy which in return will make a difference to the company itself. Socially responsibility is an organisations obligation to engage in activities that protect and contribute to ...view middle of the document...

By doing this, there will still be people who will support the company by continuing to purchase some of your products again in the futureExporting the cans of fruit that contains metal shavings to a country where there are no laws on food consumption is absolutely dreadful because the people that are living in those countries will be consuming the metal shavings and it will harm their health. There is no reason to harm anyone and it will show that this company is socially irresponsible and unethical. For example, Nestle is a company that sent milk powder to developing that had a low level of food consumption laws, which showed that they were an irresponsible company. The people in the western thought they were unethical and this lead to countries overseas boycotting.Having a warning label about the metal shavings on the product is a turn off for customers and they would rather buy another product. The company is unlikely to make any profits because there is a very small percentage of people that would...

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2478 words - 10 pages questionable. Journal of Business Ethics and Organization Studies, 13(1), 13-21. Lantos, G. P. (2001). The boundaries of strategic corporate social responsibility. The Journal of Consumer Marketing, 18(7), 595-630. Retrieved from Tencati, A., Russo, A., & Quaglia, V. (2010). Sustainability along the global supply chain: The case of vietnam. Social Responsibility Journal, 6(1), 91-107

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1587 words - 6 pages and Friedman are both recognized experts in the field, they came to markedly diverse conclusions. It is probable that the pronounced differences in their backgrounds played a significant role in shaping their views on the subject of business ethics and how it relates to social responsibility. In Drucker’s case, in addition to his educational pursuits and interests, he was a keen observer and an astute student of human behavior. His time spent

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