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Cheating by definition means fraudulent activity. I was taught my whole life not to cheat. I learned my lesson early in life when I cheated on a spelling test, and got the worst spanking of my life from my angry mother. When asked if cheating is wrong, morally we should say “yes”, but society tells us “no, it’s fine”. Cheating has become extremely common everywhere. With new technology available, it’s become even easier to cheat whether it’s using electronics during a test or downloading papers from essay mills. Cheating is a bad quality that has become wrongly acceptable in today’s society. Cheating is a habit that occurs the most with students, teachers, and employees.

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In a way this is a circumstance where a teacher fails a student.

Teachers are usually held to a different standard than students. Society views teachers as people whom have all the knowledge in the world to pass on, so parents put their trust in the education system hoping their children will someday get into a great college, and have a wonderful career. This stereotype becomes disproven time and time again every time a new teacher cheating scandal is revealed. Some teachers are poorly trained, and lack the qualifications to teach students because they cheated their way through college. Writer Dave Tomar admits that he, “… was paid by would-be educators, developing teachers, and even aspiring principals.” If teachers don’t have the capabilities to do their jobs, how can we trust the education system? Teachers do have a lot of social pressure on them to be fair and honest citizens, but they are real people too. The main reason teachers cheat is because they fear losing their careers if their students don’t pass standardized test. Using standardized tests to make evaluations is fine. But we are using them as a replacement for real education, to prod educators toward unrealistic goals, and to punish and reward. (TOMAR) This is when they start using unethical cheating methods to get ahead and guarantee their stability. If we start holding teachers accountable for their actions, and make tougher qualifications regarding their teaching abilities then maybe we can control the cheating issue before it continues to fly out of control.

If a person cheats through school then they will most likely cheat in the workplace as employees. What happens when people are working at jobs they went to...

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