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Society And Children Essay

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Crystal CastañedaAP English Language 11Mr. MurchieDecember 9, 2013The Modern Day EpidemicModesty is dead. Children pass the streets dressed in shorts skirts and low cut shirts paired with only the face of a clown. They take pride in the fact that they look like miniature adults and seem to have an unsettling appeal to flamboyance. This flamboyance is only triggered by their drive to achieve social acceptance from others. They are brainwashed to believe that through society's guidelines of glitz and glamour, one can reach the approval of others. But in reality, who or what triggers these urges and state of mind? Is it the media or parents?Children seem to mimic much of what they see on television. As I was flipping through what was on television, I noticed a program called Toddlers and Tiaras. Toddlers and Tiaras is a reality series that follows the families of contestants in child beauty pageants and displays the preparation underwent for these pageants. This program was obscene. It practically placed young children on a pedestal and encouraged the idea of being judged based on appearance. The preparation and wardrobe used when entering these pageants was outrageous. The young children underwent tanning, eyebrow plucking, obsessive amounts of makeup, "big hair", and not to mention, received "flippers" (fake teeth); since when was having "horse teeth" attractive! For the beauty portion of the competition, the dresses were covered in diamonds and sequins and the young girls toddled their way across the stage. The wardrobe prepared for the SWIMSUIT portion of the competition was filled with flashy two-piece bikinis for these young girls to exhibit. For the outfit of choice portion of the competition, some children even dared to impersonate Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman and others, Madonna. After performing, these children undergo the crowning portion of the competition, in which their efforts are either rewarded or disregarded. I understand that these pageants help children overcome "stage-fright", but many of these children develop a sense of superficiality and the need for beauty and luxuries. And for some absurd reason, the parents encourage this behavior and clearly prove to have no concern for modesty or morals.Sequins, glitz, and high slits seem to be trending in the fashion industry, as proven in the wardrobe displayed on Toddlers and Tiaras. Clothing for children has evolved greatly through the years. Much of what is designed for the youth is not age appropriate. This is specifically seen in Halloween. Much of the designs for children appear short and immodest. The costumes, in a sense, condone sex appeal. What was once a simple, childlike impersonation of Raggedy Anne, is now perceived as a sexy red head. Who's to blame for this appeal to "attractiveness"? Is it the parents or is it the media? Perhaps it is both. Parents have lost control of their youth. They continue buying these perverse "costumes" in hopes of encouraging...

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