Society And The Criminal Justice System

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Introduction: In today's societies, the government and criminal justice systems very much related to ethics because they both establish and carry out definite rights and duties. They also attempt to prevent and/or hold anyone accountable that deviates from these standards. (Wright 2012)
I. Thesis: While all of humanity should practice principles of equality, solidity, and human rights, it is extremely imperative that the corrections professionals and the criminal justice system come together at large to build a more just society. The Constitution of the United States ensures corrections professionals uphold the law in an ethical manner.
A). According to the legal dictionary, ethics is ...view middle of the document...

(Dilulio, J. J. 1995)
B). Secondly the government implemented the cruel and unusual punishment clause to ensure professional behavior of corrections professionals. This clause was created to stop or prevent any acts of punishment that would cause unnecessary suffering, or pain of any performed on offenders. For example, in Hudson v McMillian (1992) it was considered whether or not the beating by guards of an inmate that was handcuffed at Louisiana's Angola prison violated the Eighth Amendment rights. After voting, the court decided there indeed was a violation of the mentioned clause by a majority rule, although he suffered no significant or long term no permanent injuries or. After this case, the Court took a good look at the argument of only beatings that caused "severe injuries" were worthy of Eighth Amendment violations. This Amendment was established for all outcomes of this kind of behavior. Many professions such as lawyers and judges, and correction officers are upheld to a higher standard. Each officer and correction officer has a task of doing what is right, even at times when they believe no one is looking on duty. For example, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has the Correctional Officer Ethical Standards of Conduct policy. (FDLE) This policy lays down the law for correctional officers and outline professional conduct and ethical standards of conduct on and off duty. This is to include recognizing unprofessional relationships amongst peers, inmates and superiors. Some rules are: reporting illegal, or suspected illegal conduct by any person in the facility. (FDLE) Never do anything that could cause an inmate or guard to be violent. It also outlines sexual harassment as defined under Florida law. By setting these ground rules, and standards correctional facilities are ensuring that their employees uphold the Constitution. Corrections professionals use the social justice principles of equality, solidarity, and human rights in many different ways to build a more just society.
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II. A crime is defined as "any activity that breaks the law". It is common that many people choose to drive 35 miles per hour in a 30 mph zone. It is also common for a lot of people to not wear their seatbelt. Both examples are violations of the law, so why do people commit crimes? Especially when we live in a democratic government, where we the people had some control over which laws that are passed.
A). According to author Alex Woolf, in his book "exploring tough issues, why do people commit crime?" people commit crimes for infinite amounts of reason. Some of the most common reason for murder is because of anger or hatred. A drug dealer may be motivated by the money. Because there are so many different types of crime, there will always be many different reasons. Crime comes in all forms, just as criminals come in all forms, from rich to poor, male or female. Many believe that people are not born criminals but influenced to...

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