Society And The Term Professionals: Do Professionals Have An Obligation To Society?

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“Professionals have an obligation to serve society”


Society has placed a special meaning to the term professionals. A professional is expected to perform and maintain him or herself at a high standard in exercising sensitive and moral judgement in all their practices. Members of the professional world should accept the obligation to serve society and honour the public in performing all responsibilities with integrity in order maintain public confidence. Society does have an obligation to serve society in that they must practice in way that they do not harm others or perform any misconduct behaviour or actions. Some argue that professionals have an obligation to serve the client as it is in the client’s best interest and they are entitled to expect their needs in the transaction with the professionals. Society has the expectations to receive the utmost highest standard and expertise from their professionals and it is a duty of the professional to provide the services and maintain their knowledge up to date in order to provide competent services to their clients. In other words there is an implicit social contract between society and the professionals where both the client and the professional know their responsibilities, duties and expectations. The trade-off is that society has given professionals special privileges and rights such as self-regulations and professionals have provided society their expertise and knowledge in order to serve society when they are in need of seeking professional advice or services. The purpose of this paper is to analyse the obligation and responsibilities of Professionals and their services to society. This paper will define the nature of profession, the legal obligations of professionals and the service to society: the social contract.
The Nature of a profession – what is a profession?

Professions are formed from a number of different areas of people that provide society consultancy and services because Professionals have the technical skills and knowledge in the field of expertise where the average member of society does not. Professionals such as a doctor may recommend a certain treatment for an illness or a lawyer may consult a client on which legal action to undertake. Society does not have the skill or knowledge to make these judgements on their own nor can they judge the quality of the services that they receive. Kenneth Arrow, a Nobel Prize winner in the medical profession once wrote that, “The value of information is frequently not known in any meaningful sense to the buyer, if, indeed, he knew enough to measure the value of information, he would know the information itself. But information, in the form of skilled care, is precisely what is being bought from most physicians, and indeed, from most professionals.”
Professionals are those who possess a high level of knowledge and theories in the field of expertise. To become a professional, an individual must go through the required...

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