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Society Brings About Friendship Essay

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How does society bring about friends?
Society plays a huge role in who people make friends with. The Society around is made up of people who spend each and every day together and are very familiar with each other. A community is a great example of a society which influences the acquaintances made by people and the company that they keep. For young ones growing up, a huge concern is with the company that they keep and the friends that they make. Someone with perfectly good intentions and a positive motive in life could be greatly influences by a group of people with opposite motives in life. This is how society plays an extremely important role in who we spend our time with and how we live our lives.
A community, such as a church organization or simply classmates, brings about many close acquaintances and possible friends. In a school situation, a group of children in the same age group are placed together to learn and develop relationships that will last ...view middle of the document...

It is this act of fate and luck which forces the two parties to stick together and form such strong and resilient relationships.
Society is defined as “companionship or association with one’s fellows: friendly or intimate intercourse: company” in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. This directly suggests that a person’s society would consist of other people of whom they spend a great deal of time with and have become companions, acquaintances, and colleagues with. It suggests closeness and intimate relationships. When peoples are around each other every day for more than a few months, they began to become close, if they are still friends or in a relationship. They have become close enough now, due to society that they wish to continue becoming close and intimate friends.
Sometimes, society is used in order to protect people from the friendships and relationships that they form. This is usually true in a community situation. A community is defined in the Merriam – Webster Dictionary as “a unified body of individuals: society at large: joint ownership or participation.” This means that a group of people are living their lives similar to everyone else in the community. Everyone in the community is trust worthy and they look after one another. Each member of the community is committing themselves to take care of anyone of the community members and will what is possible to protect and bring out the potential of the younger ones. In communities, children are protected and convinced not to keep wrong company but rather be friends with those who have similar motives and who are living their life for the same reason.
Society has a great deal in the friends we make and the relationship we chose to keep. Society is essentially the people who make up the atmosphere of places where we are regularly stationed. It can affect our lives for better and in some cases, for the worse. It depends on how safe our society is and how it protects us from wrong influences. It is important to keep our society in check and make the right decision of whether it is time to make alterations to it in order to keep our life well on the path we intended it to be going.

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