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Society Essay Answers

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1. I think in order to peacefully live within any particular society, from an early age we are brought up to fall in line with what that society holds to be acceptable. The society I was born into has established set of rules and expectations for me to follow. The ideals I follow and adhere to are largely dependent on where within the hierarchy of society I happened to be born into, as well as what point in history. Sociology is allowing me to map where I am in society, by investigating what these unwritten societal rules are, identifying who all the players within the hierarchy are, their behaviors, and how they all interact with one another, in order to reveal a clearer overall picture of the true nature of all of us humans existing together in time and space.
-The dramaturgical perspective is a metaphor that identifies us all as social actors playing out our roles in everyday life as if we were in a theatrical stage. We define our sense of self by acting out the scene we are presented with by our immediate environment. As we live out our lives within the scene, we construct meaningful symbols and belief systems for ourselves that are imaginary, in order to better present ourselves and be accepted by our perceived audience. We might give meaning to certain things because society has deemed them favorable, but in any different context they are only illusions.
-When I take a quick look at society, I see clean picture that is easy to comprehend and make judgments on. At a glance it is easy to attribute social problems in a society to the nearest visible culprit using common sense. I can conclude that I am poor because I am unwilling to work harder, and that follows the natural order of things. Yet, the problem with this type of “common sense” thinking is that it has already been dictated to us by society itself. In reality, I think the true picture is obscured by the thick layer of false consciousness we are all entrenched in, which we lovingly accept because everyone else around us seems to do as well. In most societies the elites typically call the shots no matter if they have good intentions or not, and we follow suit, never really knowing why we are truly motivated to do the things we do. The notion that things are not as they appear in society encourages us to break open the nice polished surface and go further down the rabbit hole. What we might find is the underbelly where the back door interactions take place. That’s where to find the origins of what makes up society as it appears. Sometimes I might not like what I see beneath the surface when it includes, sweatshops, systematic oppression, corruption, deviant human behavior and a rigged system. I might miss the blissful days of when I could just buy a shirt, without feeling guilty of knowing kids labored for pennies to make it. For the most part, a regular citizen would rather not delve too deep into the root causes of societal issues, because it might become uncomfortable to know that...

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